It’s going to end terribly,” Jim Rogers told CNBC this week.

Jim is worth listening to…

In the early 1970s, he co-founded the Quantum Fund with George Soros, which returned 4,000%-plus in 10 years. After achieving one of the greatest investment track records ever, Jim retired.

On CNBC this week, he boiled down what’s happening today:

[ad#Google Adsense 336×280-IA]The Federal Reserve is pumping huge amounts of money into the market… This is a Federal Reserve rally.

The money has to go somewhere, and it’s going into the stock market and the commodity market.

Jim is right.

We’re in the middle of an artificial rally.

And it will end badly.

But when? My answer is…

Not yet.

I expect it will take years… and this will be an exciting time for investors…

As I described to you last week, we’ve just entered what I call the Bernanke Asset Bubble

The basic idea is that [Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke] will keep interest rates lower than anyone can imagine, for longer than anyone can imagine… and that will cause asset prices to soar. That includes stocks… as well as real estate and precious metals.

But when will this Fed-induced rally end? That’s the big question. Jim was careful not to put a date on it… I think it will take years…

You see, Bernanke is actually doing his job… His job description is to 1) keep inflation low while 2) helping to maintain a healthy unemployment rate.

Bernanke is “juicing” the economy – cutting interest rates to zero and printing money – to help stimulate investment and consumer demand… which should help with unemployment. As long as the inflation rate doesn’t take off, he will keep doing this.

In the coming years, real estate prices, commodities (from energy to precious metals), and stocks will soar to heights nobody can imagine right now… to valuations that are off the charts.

In between, we will have some major downward corrections. Stocks don’t go up in a straight line. Neither do commodities. On the way up, people will get scared and bail out. It is the natural “pulse” of a bull market. Up three steps, back two… up three, back two.

We’ve had a solid “up” lately. It’s time for a “back.” But the people who will get scared and pull out of the market simply don’t believe in our “script.”

They don’t have the conviction that prices can go to crazy heights.

We do…

We intend to own all the way up. We intend to capture as much of this upside as possible. And we will use trailing stops to get us out when the market finally turns.

Jim Rogers is right – this artificial rally, created by Ben Bernanke, will end badly.

But we have a couple years before it does.

A simple indicator for when to sell your stocks will be when the 12-month inflation rate (the consumer price index) pokes its head above 5%.

At that point, the Bernanke Asset Bubble will have to end… Why?

Remember part one of Bernanke’s job description – keep inflation low. If inflation moves above 5%, the game is over. Bernanke will have to raise interest rates. At that point, it is time to move on.

We have a couple years, though…

No guarantees, of course, but you can have some fun making money for a few years in the Bernanke Asset Bubble before Jim Rogers’ dire prediction comes true.

Good investing,


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