The 5 Best Dividend Aristocrat Stocks for Your Portfolio

In 2012, with interest rates at record lows, the savings accounts of old just don’t make sense. That’s especially true if you’re going to rely on them as income when you get older.
That’s where “dividend aristocrats” come in. To earn this regal name, companies listed on the S&P 500 must have increased their dividend every year for at least the past 25 years.

These stocks weathered the Great Recession without blinking. The first dot-com crash? No problem. Whatever the financial calamity, these companies have soldiered along, increasing their dividend payouts every single year.

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They have stable, reliable business models.

They are typically solid money makers.

No creative accounting needed here.

This makes these stocks an ideal choice for retirees who are looking for stable, reliable income in their golden years.

With that in mind, StreetAuthority’s analyst Melvin Pasternak, Ph.D., picked out the best of the best dividend aristocrat stocks in a recent five-part series.

To see what he’s chosen, click on the links below….

Stock No. 1: From tissues to diapers to feminine hygiene products and beyond, chances are good that you’ve used this global paper company’s products in your home. The company’s powerful brands have allowed it to raise its dividends for 39 straight years.

Stock No. 2: Dividend increases for 55 straight years. That’s the longest streak of the five stocks we’re featuring. This powerhouse electric company has been around since 1892 and paid off for investors for decades.

Stock No. 3: Many offices around the world rely on this payroll-automation firm’s behind-the-scenes services to keep things working smoothly. Meanwhile, consumers have been able to rely on the company for dividend growth for 38 years running.

Stock No. 4: This agricultural processor has billed itself as “the supermarket to the world.” It has grown its dividends for 37 years straight.

Stock No. 5: This discount store operation has a dramatically different business model than the other four companies on our list. But when it comes to consistently increasing dividends, it has shown that it can keep up with most anyone.

— Brad Briggs

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