“Don’t keep all your assets in one country, one currency, or one investment,” my old friend Michael Checkan reminded me last night.

He had stopped by my place for a visit. In between Tim Tebow miracles, we talked investing. Michael certainly knows how to invest safely…

[ad#Google Adsense 336×280-IA]He has spent 40-plus years traveling the world. (My daughter asked Michael how many countries he’s been to. “Over 60,” he replied.)

Time and again, he’s seen how governments can destroy the wealth of their people. So he invests based on safety, first and foremost.

Michael’s focus has always been precious metals and foreign currencies.

For the last three decades, Michael has run his own firm, Asset Strategies International.

I asked Michael what countries and currencies he likes right now. “Australia” was the first name he said. I agreed. A month ago, I wrote why in DailyWealth:

The U.S. government is in hock to its eyeballs… But according to the IMF, Australia will be net debt free by 2020.

While the U.S. government will stay busy printing money, the Australian government will stay busy cashing mining royalty checks with no end in sight… You see, the Australian government owns the mineral and petroleum resources of Australia.

I recommended buying shares of Rydex Currency Shares Australian Dollar Trust (NYSE: FXA), which tracks the Australian dollar (and pays a 4% dividend), to my True Wealth subscribers as an easy way to move cash outside of the U.S. dollar.

Michael’s favorite way to easily hold assets outside of the U.S. is through “Perth Mint certificates.”

The concept is simple. You buy a Perth Mint certificate for an ounce of gold, and you now own gold held on your behalf outside the U.S. at the Perth Mint in Australia. It is an interesting concept that Michael helped pioneer for Americans. (You can read more on the program here.)

I asked Michael, “What’s new?” And he gave me the latest on his “Precious Metals Direct” program… Precious Metals Direct allows you to buy precious metals online, similar to buying shares of stock through an online broker. Once set up, it’s much quicker than dealing over the phone.

Michael didn’t stop by on a “sales call.” It was just a social visit. But after visiting with Michael, I’m always reminded that I need to better protect my assets.

His advice – “Don’t keep all your assets in one country, one currency, or one investment” – is still ringing in my head.

My wife said that Michael reminds her a lot of my dad… which is a huge compliment. And I can certainly see it. He is a genuinely nice, honest, and unassuming person.

I have recommended Michael’s firm as a reliable dealer in precious metals and currencies for as long as I have been writing newsletters (going back to the 1990s). I don’t know how Michael does it… but in all those years, I’ve hardly received any complaints. That’s an impressive record.

The Aussie dollar… Perth Mint certificates… buying metals online… His advice is sound. It was nice to visit with my old friend… and good to get a reminder of the right things to do to invest my assets safely.

Good investing,

— Steve Sjuggerud

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Source:  Daily Wealth