The 10 Best Stocks to Own for Retirement
(July 2019 Edition)

The stocks named in this report offer an average yield in excess of 4%, have high Dividend Safety Scores, are less volatile than the broader market, outperformed during the last recession, and have increased their dividends for at least 5 straight years.

In other words, these are appealing companies to consider owning in a retirement portfolio designed to generate safe, growing dividend income and preserve capital.

Stock #1 – One of the Best High Yield Stocks Available

Dividend Yield: 4.2%   Forward P/E Ratio: 18.0 (as of 7/3/19)
Sector: Utilities   Industry: Electric Power
Dividend Growth Streak: 14 Years

“Stock #1” is one of the best high dividend stocks for income-seeking investors, and it’s no wonder why: The company has paid uninterrupted quarterly dividends for 92 years and increased its dividend for the 14th consecutive year in 2018.

Stock #2 – For Retirees Who Value Safe Income and Capital Preservation

Dividend Yield: 4.2%   Forward P/E Ratio: 12.2 (as of 7/3/19)
Sector: Telecom   Industry: Diversified Communications Services
Dividend Growth Streak: 12 Years

“Stock #2” remains a popular holding for many retired investors who value safe income and capital preservation. The company has paid dividends for more than 30 years and has raised its payout for over 10 consecutive years – the sign of a durable company.

Stock #3 – Poised to Deliver Predictable Results for Years to Come

Dividend Yield: 6.0%   Forward P/E Ratio: 10.3 (as of 7/3/19)
Sector: Energy   Industry: Oil and Gas Storage and Transportation
Dividend Growth Streak: 20 Years

“Stock #3” is one of the largest midstream master limited partnerships (MLPs) in America. The company has paid uninterrupted distributions since going public in 1998, and management has always run the business conservatively. Combined with a disciplined approach to debt, “Stock #3” is positioned to deliver predictable results for years to come.

Stock #4 – High Yield, Conservative Business

Dividend Yield: 4.6%   Forward P/E Ratio: 19.6 (as of 7/3/19
Sector: Real Estate   Industry: Health Care REITs
Dividend Growth Streak: 6 Years

Founded in 2006, “Stock #4” is the largest dedicated owner and operator of medical office buildings in the U.S. It has a strong balance sheet, reasonable debt maturities, and excellent liquidity. Simply put, “Stock #4” has positioned its business conservatively to help ensure its dividend remains safe.

Stock #5 – Reliable Investment for Retirees Living Off Dividends

Dividend Yield: 4.4%   Forward P/E Ratio: 17.0 (as of 7/3/19)
Sector: Telecom   Industry: Diversified Communications Services
Dividend Growth Streak: 15 Years

“Stock #5” was founded in 1993 and is one of Canada’s largest telecom providers with about one-third of the national wireless market and over 40% of the internet market. Both of these business lines are quite stable, making the stock a reliable investment for investors living off dividends in retirement.

Stock #6 – A Dividend Aristocrat That’s Particularly Popular for Retirement

Dividend Yield: 6.0%   Forward P/E Ratio: 9.4 (as of 7/3/19)
Sector: Telecom   Industry: Diversified Communications Services
Dividend Growth Streak: 35 Years

“Stock #6” is a leading provider of communications and digital entertainment services around the world.

The company primarily provides wireless voice and data services, pay-TV services, and broadband internet services to millions of people and businesses across North America. No other telecom business has ever had as many subscribers across each service line as this company does now.

“Stock #6” is a particularly popular stock for retirement because it is a member of the S&P Dividend Aristocrats Index, S&P 500 companies that have raised their dividends for at least 25 consecutive years.

Stock #7 – Safe Bet for Dependable Income + Moderate Growth 

Dividend Yield: 5.1%   Forward P/E Ratio: 16.1 (as of 7/3/19)
Sector: Real Estate   Industry: Diversified REITs
Dividend Growth Streak: 20Years

Founded in 1973, “Stock #7” is a triple net lease REIT that owns 890 properties located in 19 countries around the world. With a highly stable and conservative payout ratio below the industry average, a relatively low cost of capital, a diversified property portfolio, and a strong balance sheet (the company has an investment grade credit rating), “Stock #7” seems like a safe bet for dependable income and moderate growth in the years ahead.

Stock #8 – Possibly The Best Healthcare REIT On The Market

Dividend Yield: 4.6%   Forward P/E Ratio: 20.2(as of 7/3/19)
Sector: Real Estate   Industry: Healthcare REITs
Dividend Growth Streak: 9 Years

“Stock #8” is one of the most dominant players in medical real estate assets. When it comes to business quality, it’s perhaps the best healthcare REIT out there. For income-hungry investors seeking exposure to the growing healthcare sector but unwilling to take on excessive risk, “Stock #8” appears to have a lot to offer. The company has a portfolio of diversified healthcare properties run by best-in-class operators who should collectively benefit from favorable demographic trends over the coming decades. Management has shown capital allocation skill over the last 15+ years, and the large and fragmented nature of the market provides numerous opportunities for continued growth.

Stock #9 – Has Paid Uninterrupted Dividends Since 1882

Dividend Yield: 4.6%   Forward P/E Ratio: 16.8 (as of 7/3/19)
Sector: Energy   Industry: Integrated Oil and Gas
Dividend Growth Streak: 36 Years

Founded in 1870, “Stock #9” is one of the oldest companies in the world. On the income front, the company has paid uninterrupted dividends since 1882, a remarkable feat for any business, much less one operating in the volatile energy sector. The primary factors helping “Stock #9” deliver such an impressive dividend track record are its scale, diversification, and conservative management team.

Stock #10 – Set to Pay Reliable Income for Years to Come

Dividend Yield: 6.3%   Forward P/E Ratio: 12.5 (as of 7/3/19)
Sector: Energy   Industry: Oil & Gas Production MLP
Dividend Growth Streak: 16 Years

“Stock #10” is a critical player in the energy industry, linking sources of crude oil supply with refineries and ultimately with end users of petroleum products. The company has rewarded investors with 12% annual distribution growth since its initial public offering in 2001, raising its payout each year… and it has the financial strength and business model to pay reliable distributions for many years to come.

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