Signs the “End of America” Is Nearing

January 19, 2011
burning falling dollar

Stick with my advice and not only will you protect yourself, but you'll even profit. Here are the investments you want to own, and the ones you want to sell.
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Some of the “Safest” Investments in the World Are in Trouble

January 17, 2011

The danger is right out in the open for everyone to see, but investors aren't heeding the warnings...
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Warning: You Don’t Want to Be Aggressively Buying Stocks Now

January 10, 2011

Today's situation is eerily similar to the dot-com days back in late 1999-2000 -- and you remember what happened next.
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A 2011 Investment Forecast Unlike Any Other You’ve Read

January 6, 2011

Here's a strong case for why you should NOT be buying most conventional stocks and bonds right now.
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It’s Finally Time to Sell Stocks

December 22, 2010

In short, over the next three months or so, the risk is not worth the potential reward...
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Avoid This Popular Gold Fund

gold bars

Folks looking to make a fortune in small gold stocks need to be careful: There's a right way to do it... and there are a lot of wrong ways to do it. One of the wrong ways to do it is by owning this popular gold fund.
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Warning (Part II): If Your Portfolio is Exposed to Natural Gas, Read This


In short, if this list of stocks break down to new lows, it's a danger sign that could spell a sudden 25%-50% drop in the natural gas sector...
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Why the Debt Situation is Worse Than You Even Imagined


Continuing the series on a huge trend called the "End of America"...
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