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Keith Fitz-Gerald is a seasoned market analyst with decades of experience, known and admired for his perspectives and insights, as well as a highly accurate track record of both predictions and trades. At just 15, he started his first business and used the proceeds to make his first investment. He then cut his teeth working for one of the world's leading investment powerhouses, before becoming a professional trader and licensed CTA, advising institutions and qualified individuals, and specializing in non-directional trading. Today Keith is a regular guest on Fox Business, CNBC Asia, and BNN, and his writings have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, WIRED,, and MarketWatch. He's also a bestselling author. His book, "Fiscal Hangover: How to Profit from the New Global Economy" (John Wiley & Sons), continues to garner rave reviews. Keith has been leading The Money Map Report as Chief Investment Strategist since 2008. He's also the editor of The Geiger Index, an ultra-reliable, emotion-free guide to making big money and avoiding losses. (The Geiger is on a serious roll, with a track record of 68 winning trades out of 73 at press time.) His Strike Force publication has a very straightforward strategy: Get in, target gains, and get out clean. Keith holds a BS in management and finance from Skidmore College and an MS in international finance (with a focus on Japanese business science) from Chaminade University. He splits his time between the United States and Japan with his wife and two sons, and he regularly travels the world in search of investment opportunities others don't yet see or understand.

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One of the Biggest Wealth-Building Opportunities You’ll Ever See

May 26, 2017
One of the Biggest Wealth-Building Opportunities You’ll Ever See

If you’re tired of watching the rich get richer, but you’re not sure how to grab your share, then you will DEFINITELY want to read today’s column...
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What Investors Should Do With Netflix (NFLX) Stock Now

May 23, 2017

Here’s what to do — and why — if you own Netflix...
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Following These 10 Principles Will Keep You on the Path to Profits in the Months Ahead

May 11, 2017

Print out this list and tape it to your monitor or your mirror — some place you can quickly reference it when the going gets tough or you’ve got a case of the “doubts”...
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Never Fear Paying Too Much for a Stock Ever Again

April 29, 2017

The markets are charging higher as I write, and, not surprisingly, that’s got many investors wondering if the “fabulous five” tech stocks — Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Alphabet — are too expensive to buy…
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Warning: 3 “Iconic” Stocks You Do NOT Want in Your Portfolio

April 24, 2017

These companies are going to clobber millions of unsuspecting investors who have overestimated their prospects...
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In Less Than 90 Seconds You Can Significantly Boost Your Returns AND Reduce Your Losses

April 6, 2017
How to Make Good Money in This Flat Market

This is one of the single most powerful (yet easy to use) strategies available to individual investors today...
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The One Stock You’ll Want to Own Before Brexit Negotiations Start

March 25, 2017

You've got an incredible opportunity on your hands…
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(Update) Ekso Bionics: “Make or Break” Moment

March 19, 2017

This is an update neither you nor your wallet want to miss...
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These 3 Limited-Risk Trades Could Be Extraordinarily Profitable

March 10, 2017

They're short-term tactical moves that can really boost your longer term, strategic profits...
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Why You Shouldn’t Try to Invest Like Warren Buffett

March 1, 2017

Although he is considered one of the world's greatest, chances are you won't get the same results by mirroring his investments...
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