Jason Fieber, Mr. Free at 33

Reader Mailbag: “I want to build steady investment income, enjoy retirement, and leave something to my children…”

Lewis, the great thing about your goals is that they’re somewhat complementary to each other. And I believe it’s possible to accomplish all of your goals, simultaneously, by following a long-term investment strategy I’ll tell you about. In short, it’s a strategy that can generate growing passive income that can be used for everything you’re interested in: investment income, early retirement, a legacy, and philanthropy.

Reader Mailbag: “I’d love for my husband and I to be able to retire from making the right investments…”

Samantha, there’s no way this short letter back to you will come even close to educating you in all matters investing. In fact, I’ll barely scratch the surface here. I’m instead aiming to quickly give you some basic but very valuable information on how and why I’ve gone about successfully investing, which could be a foundation upon which you build your house of knowledge by expanding your investing education.