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Dr. Steve Sjuggerud writes for TrueWealth Systems, a monthly investment advisory that boasts one of the largest followings in the world. He specializes in safe, unique investments that have been overlooked by Wall Street. Quoted by The Wall Street Journal, Barron's, and The Washington Post, Steve is the co-author of Safe Strategies for Financial Freedom, a best-selling book on investment strategies. He is a former stockbroker and vice president of trading at a $50 million international hedge fund. He holds a doctorate in finance (his dissertation covered emerging-market currencies) and has spoken at dozens of investment conferences around the country.

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What’s Next For Stocks After 12 Straight Up Days

March 17, 2017

In short, stocks tend to outperform for around six months… and then underperform in the long run.
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The Investing Opportunity in These Stocks is Massive Today

March 15, 2017

They're still cheap, even after their recent run-up. NOBODY is invested -- yet. But big money is coming...
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These Two Currencies Are at Multi-Decade Lows Relative to the U.S. Dollar

March 14, 2017

We will take advantage of it...
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How to End up With a 434% Winner

March 10, 2017
percent increase-stockphoto

If you can change your thinking on just one simple thing, you will end up a far more successful investor than you can imagine...
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I’m Buying These Stocks in 2017 and I Suggest You Do the Same

March 8, 2017

They're staging a major breakout this year and we have an incredible buying opportunity today. We could potentially see triple-digit returns from here...
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The Cheapest, Most Hated Asset Today

March 7, 2017
dirt cheap

It delivered a 250% gain in two years under similar circumstances back in 2000...
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Why Gold Stocks Are Underperforming Gold

March 4, 2017

Normally, when gold goes up, gold stocks go up even more. But that doesn't always happen…
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Why U.S. Interest Rates Can Go Even LOWER

March 1, 2017

This could surprise everyone...
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The Easy Money is Over in Real Estate

February 24, 2017
real estate sign

It's time to think before you buy...
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It’s Time to Own These Stocks Again

February 22, 2017

My systems say this could be the start of a bull market -- one that could turn a small $10,000 investment into $50,000 or more...
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