Brett Owens, Contrarian Outlook

These Investments Yield 6%-11% Right Now and Offer Double-Digit Price Upside to Boot

March 13, 2016

They’re some of my favorite investments for specialization and yield…
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These 3 Stocks Have 200% Upside or Better

March 11, 2016

They’re good long-term buys no matter what happens between now and the presidential election this November...
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These Two Stocks Could Boost Their Dividends Twice in 2016

March 10, 2016

Both are trading at discounts and offering attractive yields...
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5 Overlooked REITs Yielding 4.6% to 6.6%

March 7, 2016

I've been a strong advocate of REITs since they became "too cheap" in mid-2015. After all, they're legally required to pass along at least 90% of their earnings to shareholders -- a solid formula for market-beating dividend yields...
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Warning: 11 More Dividends in Danger

March 5, 2016

First, it was Kinder Morgan. Then, ConocoPhillips. Which sacred dividend is going to get cut next?
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These Standout Stocks Are Bargains Right Now

March 4, 2016
bargain tag

And they’re shoveling cash back to investors through buybacks, dividends or both...
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These Two Dividend Stocks Could Deliver 20% Returns

March 2, 2016

Both look like great buys now…
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These 3 Stocks Could Keep Growing Dividends for Decades

February 29, 2016

It’s important to buy the aristocrats of tomorrow, rather than fixating on the payout heroics of yesterday. With this in mind, here are three businesses that continue to roll with the world’s changes...
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Two Dividend Aristocrats For Your Retirement Portfolio

February 25, 2016

One has paid a dividend for 98 straight years, has hiked its payout for the last 57 years, and is currently trading at a price worth paying. The other has 53 straight years of payout hikes, an above average dividend yield, is a great deal right now, and has plenty of room to run...
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These 3 Dividend Growers are Cashing in on the Mobile Payment Boom

February 23, 2016

All are boosting their dividend payouts AND investing in the cutting-edge tech they need to dominate a tap-and-pay world...
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