Welcome to our exclusive educational series on Dividend Growth Investing (DGI). This series of Lessons proceeds from basic concepts (what is a dividend?) to advanced investing techniques (how to find great DGI stocks).

We are happy to note that during 2018, all of the Lessons are being revised by Dave Van Knapp, who created the original Lessons in 2013-2017. You can see the Lessons in action in Dave’s Dividend Growth Stock of the Month series as well as in his Dividend Growth Portfolio.

Dividend Growth Investing Lessons 

Lesson 1: What is a Dividend? (updated 2/1/2018)
Lesson 2: Dividend Growth (updated 2/8/2018)
Lesson 3: The 5-Year Rule (updated 3/12/2018)
Lesson 4: The Power of Compounding (updated 3/20/2018)
Lesson 5: The Power of Reinvesting Dividends  (updated 4/12/208)
Lesson 6: Yield and Yield on Cost (updated 4/26/2018)
Lesson 7: Dividends are Independent from the Market (updated 5/21/2018)
Lesson 8: How to Build a High-Yielding Dividend Growth Portfolio (updated 6/12/2018)
Lesson 9: My Top 14 Reasons Why Dividend Growth Investing Makes Sense (updated 7/6/2018)
Lesson 10: Two Ways to Reinvest Your Dividends to Enhance Your Returns (updated 7/16/2018)
Lesson 11: Valuation (updated 8/5/2018)
Lesson 12: Run Your Investing Like a Business (updated 8/27/2018)
Lesson 13: Specific Topics to Cover in Your Dividend Growth Investing Plan (updated 9/16/2018)
Lesson 14: Grading Dividend Growth Stocks to Find the Best Ones for Your Portfolio (updated 10/10/2018)
Lesson 15: Portfolio Management – How to Decide When to Sell Stocks (updated 10/18/2018)
Lesson 16: Diversification (updated 10/30/2018)
Lesson 17: Dividend Safety
Lesson 18: High Yield or Fast Growth?