Category: Dividend Growth Stock of the Month

Dividend Growth Stock of the Month for December 2019: Cisco Systems (CSCO)

This stock – which has increased its dividend every year since it began paying one – yields 3.1% and has a strong dividend safety rating. It’s a high-quality company with an AA- credit rating, a top ValueLine safety rating and very good financials. On top of all this, shares appear fairly valued at current prices. I already own the stock, and I consider it to be in the running for my next dividend reinvestment in January.

Dividend Growth Stock of the Month for July 2019: JP Morgan Chase (JPM)

This stock has a strong dividend record and currently appears 12% undervalued. The company boasts strong financials with a “fortress balance sheet”… and it has a solid, future-focused business model that’s focused on both growth and efficiency. On top of all this, it has a wide moat rating from Morningstar, a high Safety rating from Value Line, and a solid A- credit rating from S&P. In my opinion, the stock seems like a very attractive dividend growth prospect right now.