Mike Nadel, Daily Trade Alert

We Just Put $1,000 Into This Stock For DTA’s Income Builder Portfolio

I’ll be honest: If someone had told me last Friday that its price would go up 14% before we would buy it three sessions later, I might have selected a different stock this time for the Income Builder Portfolio. But hey, Dividend Growth Investing is a long-term strategy, and the IBP’s primary mission is to build a reliable, ever-increasing income stream through ownership of high-quality companies.

We Just Put $1,000 Into This Stock For The Income Builder Portfolio

There is no end in sight to Trump’s trade war, and some economists predict that it could trigger the next recession. Nevertheless, we will keep buying stocks like this one for the Income Builder Portfolio because that’s what our Business Plan mandates: Continue investing in high-quality, dividend-growing companies, through good markets and bad. That has been a winning strategy for a century’s worth of investors, and there is little reason to think that will change.