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We’re Putting $2,000/Month Into These Stocks: Introducing DTA’s Income Builder Portfolio

Calling all DGI newbies: DTA is launching a real-money portfolio and you’re invited to follow along. Our goal? To build a reliable, growing income stream by making regular investments in high-quality, dividend-paying companies. Whether you have $200 per month to invest or $200,000 or anything in between, the principles will be the same.

DTA’s Income Builder Portfolio: Arriving – And ‘Dripping’ – Soon

In just a few weeks, I will help launch an exciting new feature here on Daily Trade Alert: DTA’s Income Builder Portfolio. Twice a month, we will invest real money in real time as we build a Dividend Growth Investing portfolio from scratch, one company at a time. I’m still working out all the details, but one thing I know we’ll be doing within the Income Builder Portfolio is reinvesting all dividends. Here’s why…

Five Core Stocks For Any Dividend Growth Portfolio

When writing about potential investments, I try to avoid using words such as “must” or “should” or “have to.” Who the heck am I to tell folks what they MUST do with their money? Having said that, I definitely believe there are companies that deserve serious consideration by practitioners of Dividend Growth Investing – my primary area of focus here at Daily Trade Alert.