Want to Bag a 1,000% Gain? Here’s How.

I’ve been writing about investing for a long time. I’ve made a ton of money for a lot of people. I’ve picked a long string of winners, many returning triple digits — Tesla (up 840.8%), Adobe (up 642.8%) and Regeneron (up 589.9%), to name but a few — with others notching gains in excess of 1,000%, including Alnylam Pharma (up 1,190.5%) and Mazor Robotics (up 1,149.4%).

Mega winners like these are going to be the focus when I sit down with my colleague Jared Levy for the Fast-Track Millionaire live summit on Wednesday, March 28.

We’re going after Big Game.

That requires a certain perspective, a way of thinking that most investors fail to embrace.

You see, I’ve been a student of investor psychology for two decades.

Each time I meet someone and they discover what I do, they usually ask the same question:

What should I be buying?

Fair enough. I have a couple of stock answers to this query, depending on who asks.

Sometimes these conversations take interesting turns, but most of the time people want just a tip, some sort of insider secret to success in the market.

But the fact is, “What should I be buying?” is the wrong question. It puts the cart before the Uber, so to speak. Asking what to buy or sell is like asking who’s to blame before even determining what the problem is. It’s the wrong place to start.

It’s not what you should be buying that will lead you to success in your investing. In fact, it’s not even close.

The better question, tougher though it may be, is, “How should I be thinking?”

You see, my talk with Jared next Wednesday is going to be all about ideas. Big ones. Small ones. Maybe some medium-sized ones.

Some of these notions might sound fanciful or far-fetched. Some might seem impossible or even outright magical.

They aren’t. They’re real. And though they’re out of view to most people right now, make no mistake. These innovations are coming right at you.

I personally research each idea thoroughly — usually taking far more time than my editor would like — and I promise you that every one that I share with you will have the potential to make you big money.

This is decidedly not how Wall Street works. Analysts look at a set of financial statements and rather than asking what the numbers mean, they simply take a guess at how, given the company’s past performance, the company will likely perform in the future. An analyst might assume a certain rate of revenue growth, anticipate various expenses and savings and then come up with a projection of future earnings. From there, the only thing left is to decide on an earnings multiple, which would then zero in on a target price for the shares.

This either works — or it doesn’t. Some companies are predictable. Others aren’t. But beyond the relative predictability of Corporate America is the larger complicating factor of the marketplace, where new ideas can change the landscape literally overnight.

Trends develop. Technology disrupts. It’s inevitable. And that’s what we will seek to capitalize on in the Fast-Track Millionaire live summit. We will identify potential catalysts with the power to remake the marketplace, and then we’ll identify the companies that are most likely to ride those catalysts into the stratosphere.

Not to carry the metaphor too far, but we’re really not talking about carts and horses. We’re talking about the grass that the horse will eat. It’s a different approach. It requires imagination and hours of painstaking research. And it’s the precise way that I’ve picked every mega-winner over the past six years.

I’m talking about 46 stocks that quadrupled… 25 that rose over 500%… and six 10-baggers. In fact, I’ve averaged nearly two 100% gainers a month for six straight years this way.

And I’m going to reveal my entire strategy at the Fast-Track Millionaire live summit, which we will air live online next Wednesday.

It’s going to be completely free for anyone who wants to attend, but the number of spots we can reserve will be limited. After they’re gone, we’ll have to shut the doors.

I want everyone who is interested to be able to attend this one-of-a-kind event. Because you don’t have to settle for the paltry gains most regular investors make. It’s entirely possible for you to have a 10-bagger within the next year — along with a few triple-digit gains along the way.

If you’d like to join me for this special event, you can reserve your spot here.

— Andy Obermueller

Andy Obermueller does not personally hold positions in any securities mentioned in this article.
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