Should You Continue to Buy Commodities?

It is no secret why commodities are hitting new highs in today’s market…

Tangible resources that are used daily are now being viewed as viable asset class since paper money has lost its lure and stocks continue to be unstable.

Interest for commodities and natural resources have never been higher.

The pop in prices, however, begs the question: Should you continue to buy into the trend? Or stay away?

[ad#Google Adsense]My recommendation to you: commodities are still a BUY! Here’s why…

First, do you think the Feds are going to suddenly stop printing all that funny money?

Nope. Me either.

The transparency of supply and demand forces are at work. As more paper money chases the same amount of goods, prices will go up. Period.

Second, lets take a close look at the benchmark Commodities Research Bureau (CRB) Index. Notice the price sitting at 290 to begin the calendar 2010 year. With recent annual highs at 320 the breakout in commodities has been 10% if prices stay where they are.

I’ll say it again…

The move up in broad commodities has only been 10%. Even if the rally move is measured from the yearly low extreme the increase is merely 28%.

This 10% increase on an annual basis does not make me wring my hands over price inflation – not yet anyway.

So I’m here to tell you that commodities are not yet in a runaway bubble… instead, they’re just recovering from extreme lows.

Savvy investors should be able to continue to buy into the trend and ride this upturn into 2011 and beyond.

Next week I’ll be back to show you my favorite commodity to trade for big gains.


— Alan Knuckman

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Source:  Penny Sleuth