Dave Van Knapp’s Dividend Growth Investing Lessons

Welcome to our exclusive educational series on Dividend Growth Investing (DGI). As you may already know, DGI is a proven investment strategy intended to help you generate safe, steadily-growing income over the long-haul.

To guide us through this series, we’ve commissioned the expertise of Dave Van Knapp, creator of a general purpose dividend growth “ETF” and editor of our Dividend Growth Stock of the Month.

Dividend Growth Investing Lessons 

Lesson 1: What is a Dividend?
Lesson 2: Dividend Growth
Lesson 3: The 5-Year Rule
Lesson 4: The Power of Compounding
Lesson 5: The Power of Reinvesting Dividends
Lesson 6: Yield and Yield on Cost
Lesson 7: Dividends are Independent from the Market
Lesson 8: How to Collect 10% Yields from Great Dividend Growth Stocks
Lesson 9: Why I’ve Loaded My Portfolio with Dividend Growth Stocks
Lesson 10 (Part I): Reinvest Your Dividends Selectively to Enhance Your Returns
Lesson 10 (Part II): Reinvest Your Dividends Automatically to Build Long-Term Positions
Lesson 11: Valuation
Lesson 12 (Part I): Invest According to a Plan
Lesson 12 (Part II): Invest According to a Plan
Lesson 13: Specific Suggestions for YOUR Dividend Growth Investing Plan
Lesson 14: Buying
Lesson 15: Holding and Selling
Lesson 16: Diversification
Lesson 17: Dividend Safety
Lesson 18: High Yield or Fast Growth?
Lesson 19: Grading Dividend Growth Stocks to Find the Best Ones