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Warning: Avoid These 3 Widely-Held Stocks

April 18, 2017

At their current valuation, I'm amazed they haven't already exploded...
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These 3 High-Yield Investments Are Trading at Discount

April 3, 2017

As a basket, they trade at an average discount to NAV of 5.4% with a blended yield of 9.5%...
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Earn an 8% Dividend Yield While You Wait for This Stock’s Turnaround

March 30, 2017

Patient investors could see 18-month total returns north of 30%...
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It’s Time To Get Back Into This Stock

March 15, 2017

If the company hits earnings and revenue targets, we could see a total return of 90% in 12 months...
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These Two Stocks Offer Steady, Above Average Income and Attractive Long-Term Upside

January 6, 2017

Conservative, long-term investors have a great opportunity to add them to their portfolios...
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These Two Stocks Are Reasonably Valued and Provide an Attractive Income Stream to Supplement Growth

December 19, 2016

They're well-positioned to benefit from an "Uber Moment" in the financial services industry...
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This Stock Looks Primed for a Bounce

August 12, 2016

With the catalyst of improved earnings and revenues, a 12-month to 18-month price target could result in a total return approaching 30%...
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Before You Sell Another Stock, Read This

March 28, 2016

Just as you determine why you'd buy a stock, figure out why you would get rid of it...
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Protect Your Portfolio With This Simple Strategy

March 27, 2016

It helped me book a 23% return while the S&P 500 turned in barely 4% for the same period…
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This Stock Looks Like a Bargain Right Now

February 12, 2016
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Not only should it be a core holding for long-term, moderate investors, but on a near-term basis for traders it could offer 28%-plus upside...
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