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Over 2 MILLION investors like you have relied on Daily Trade Alert to help them find profitable investing ideas in the stock market. We truly have a great community of subscribers.

The positive feedback we receive is both appreciated and motivating. Below you’ll find a few of our favorite testimonials. To protect privacy we’ve intentionally left out full names.

“I find your Daily Trade Alerts informative, easy reading, short and to the point. Keep forwarding your excellent info.” — Richard I.

“No one else can come anywhere close to the quality and information being supplied by you.” – Bill H.

“I love your newsletter. It’s so unbiased and isn’t always trying to sell you something and asking me to watch long involved sales pitches that promise to make some secret of investment known to me for watching…” – Will K.

“I do not know how you make money, but thank you very much for what you do. I appreciate people/groups like yours…” — Vijay A.

“Thanks for sending me this daily [stock] analysis… I enjoy reading the information as it adds great insights into the market.” — James D.

“What a great newsletter!!!!!!” — Henry H.

“I just want to thank you for the wonderful website. I am a recent retiree and a small retail investor. I happened to come across your website a month ago, and it is a wonderful discovery for me! Thank you, Daily Trade Alert!” — Raymond H.

“Your newsletter is awesome!” — Amy C.

“Thank you so much for your great, unbiased info…” — Bill G.

“I’m a very novice investor. Recently retired, I’m studying stock trading with the view to building a portfolio. I’ve never owned a security of any kind until one week ago. Over the past several months I’ve subscribed to dozens of financial and stock-picking websites for the purpose of learning about stock trading. I just want to tell you that your website, ‘Daily Trade Alert’, is by far the best among them in that it provides good insight and thoughtful recommendations.” – John C.

“Was so impressed with your site. The Buffett data was especially good. Whole service: Excellent. Thanks.” – Barry J.
(Barry was referring to this article: Buffett’s Latest Trades: Buys 13 Stocks, Sells 8 Stocks)

“Thank you for your tips and information, they help a newbie retail investor/trader alot !!!  I am sure we all appreciate it out here !!!” — Dan R.

“Your article and listing of stocks was very well done. I am a DRIP investor. I will print and hold your list. Keep up the good work and thanks.” -- Dennis W.
(Dennis was referring to this article: These 35 Dividend Contenders Could Soon Boost Dividends)

“Thank you for a great site and newsletter — I look forward to reading [your alerts] every day to see what opportunities you uncover…” — Matt B.

“I’ve enjoyed reading your Daily Trade Alerts for a year or more now. The diverse group of experts you work with make for an eclectic set of recommendations. I have put several of those suggestions into practice.” — T. Jones in Carlsbad, CA

“I look forward to your advice every day — thank you.” — Todd

“Please continue to send my Daily Trade Alert email updates. I have enjoyed them very much and I have benefited from them.” — Jay S.

“Your alerts have been very helpful and informative.” — J. Hopkins

“Keep up the excellent work.” — Monty J.

“I have a few newsletters… I find you and [another investment newsletter] the two best on the planet. I have done fine with your recommendations and good solid thinking and I wouldn’t mind paying you for your effort. Keep up the good work. I even have my broker reading you every day, LOL. Thanks.” — Deb F.

“Your website, for me, is ‘terrific.’ I am thoroughly enjoying the information.” — Ken B.

“Great service of free information. Thank you.” — Michael C.

“You guys are great!!!!!” — Terry S.

“I like your articles and daily info.” — Leo

“Thank you… I really like the DTA take on stocks.” — Stan C.

“I would like to sign up my wife if you could. Thank you… you have an awesome site and read.” — Rodney K.

“I read everything I can lay my hands on but I have to say you have the ABSOLUTE best information out there in a perfect concise manner. I find your daily emails a complete pleasure and look forward to them. I don’t know how you do it but you do it the best. Even my broker asks me where I get all this great info. I forwarded it on to him, he now reads you daily! Kudos and God Bless… you are invaluable to me.” — Deborah F.

“I just want to say that I am very impressed with your articles and find your analyses very informative.” — Vincent K.

“I trust Daily Trade Alert and value the information.” — Ryan S.

“Your service is the best I have seen. I start my day reading your email report. Thanks for providing us with such great information.” — Richard C.

“I must say I enjoy reading your daily [newsletter]…” — Ron B.

“I want to thank you for your great newsletter… it has given me a lot of insight into what’s going on.” — Mike B.

“You provide an awesome service. One of the few that is always worth reading.” — Richard C.

“Thanks a lot for your newsletter.” — Leondre P.

“Nice article on three natural resource plays. Well written, and concise.” — John N.

“Thanks, [I] enjoy your advice and info.” — Steve S.

“Thank you so much for the great info you send. Keep it coming!” — Sonia W.

“Great site for stock advice and recommendations…” — Carol D.

“I love reading your reports and I have already learned quite a bit.” — Mary W.

“Many thanks. I greatly enjoy and appreciate the newsletter, which is quite unique.” — Robert R.

“I really like and appreciate your straight way of presenting investment assistance. Thank you!” — Peter S.

“I love Daily Trade Alert… thanks so much.” — Terry

“I have been receiving your Daily Trade Alert for a short time now and have found it to be quite informative.” — David H.

“Your info is great. Thanks.” — Steven J.

“I’m grateful to be on your daily email list. Your comments are always quick to point, and well written. Keep up the good work…” — John N.

“I enjoy reading your Daily Trade Alert and find the information very useful…” — Angela H

“I have to compliment you on your Daily Trade Alert service. Most newsletters dangle a carrot in front of you for the next best investment but then ask for money for a subscription to get the details on what they are talking about. I’m glad you don’t.” — Eleanor K.

“Love your articles — best I’ve ever read for free and not asking for some subscription to your service. I love the collection from many experts. Don’t stop. Love it.” — Mike D. in Texas

“Not only is your content excellent, and shared honestly and candidly, with a realistic and transparent tone… but I really enjoy your fast page loads. I use high speed Comcast, but your pages: Wow Fast. Unlike sites like I am also not interested in stock ideas for day trading, just GOOD QUALITY COMPANIES, that I can enjoy owning, and sharing a gain with, over the years to come. Anyhow, thanks.” — Greg C. in Spokane, WA

“Thank you for the service and information you provide. You have a first class program here. Very informative, very refreshing. Thank you, wish I would have found your resources sooner, tired of all the pump and dump sites.” — Jon C.

“As long as I see DTA in my e-mail I’m a happy person…” — Barbara

“Good letter. I enjoy your info, thanks.” — Mike D.

“I usually do not reply to newsletters — but yours is a pleasure to read. No B.S. — just clear, up-to-date news. Thank you!” — Eddie Z.

“In the last few days I read an article on writing covered calls on JNJ. For the life of me… I cannot find that article. Will you please direct me to the day or issue or email me some way to find it? I’m sure it was on Daily Trade Alert, which I really enjoy. I own JNJ and this is worth thinking about some more.” — Cecilia K.

“Rarely do we get customer support like yours… many thanks.” — Doug W.

“Now THAT was a newsletter!” — Vincent N.

“I am totally impressed with your note this morning…” — Wilma C.

“I really like your site. I know right away what you are talking about without having it hidden WAY down the page.” — Sue F.

Really enjoy your bulletins. Please keep them coming.”– Richard B.

“I really like your daily trade alert, but today the list of banks I appreciate more than anything you have sent me. I have saved it. Thank you so very much. There are so many voices out there. Not many that do not have a hidden agenda. Thanks again.” — Geronamo

“Your CACI trade was a great call! I am long and up nicely with a trailing stop to lock in profits set. Thx.” — John M.

“Dear DTA: I like your newsletter.” — Erk E.

“Your investing advice is most welcomed… rest assured that even if you do not hear from us on a regular basis, your recommendations and information is very highly appreciated. Thanks again.” — Jacques D.

“I am doing very well utilizing your daily trade picks. Thank you very much for all your advice.” — Jeanette O.

“Thank you for this offer. Bob and I are amateur stock investors; we appreciate having free access to information. Some of the paid sites have not been helpful! Thank you again!” — Bernadette P.

“I think the DTA is excellent and I really enjoy reading it and get a lot of really great info. Thanks again.” — Richard G.

“You guys are awesome- thanks [for the] great service.” — F.S.

“Absolutely love ‘Daily Trade Alert’. Your guidance kept me sane during the recent market craziness. Thanks for the guidance.” — Joe

“I’m a new subscriber and learning very quickly that I can’t live without Daily Trade Alert! I’ve already made it a habit to look for it in my inbox every morning! Thanks!” — Wes F.

“Thank you for all you do to make investing information easy to understand and follow.” — James M.